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Log Rot Repair (Replacement)

We have performed several log replacement and log home repair on many log homes, cabins, and other wood structures throughout the south East United States.

Log Replacement and log home repair is a specialty practice and takes an experienced company.

We can take on any project no matter what your log home repair needs are. During log replacement, we can match the new logs with the old logs using the same profiles and ensuring the logs are securely sound and aesthetically pleasing.

What are The Worst Types of Log Decay Organisms?

Over time, your log home can accumulate log rot and decay. The presence of rot and decay can damage your log home’s structural integrity. If left unchecked, this problem can lead to thousands of dollar in eventual repairs. Are you experiencing log rot and decay?

If so, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the amazing team at Great South Log Home Services. Our team will analyze all of the signs of log rot and decay and offer complete solutions to rectify the issue. To learn more about the worst types of log rot and decay, continue reading for more information.


Moisture is the lead cause of mildew growth. Moisture in bathrooms, under the kitchen sink, and laundry rooms can cause mildew to grow, most of the time in places you can’t see or reach. Mildew typically has a powdery texture and can be gray, green, white, brown, yellow, and black in color. Mildew also has a noticeable pungent odor.


Commonly known as “blue stain” may appear on logs that are milled or cut down. Sapstain can cause discoloration in a variety of colors such as blue, brown, and red. These logs should be properly sealed to prevent any further decay.

Brown Rot

Brown rot is the most common sign of decay in a log home. When the rot begins to grow, it forms into white spots. However, these spots eventually turn brown and cause the infected wood to become soft. Over time, the wood will crumble.

Dry Rot

Similar to brown rot, dry rot can grow and spread very quickly. The only difference is that dry rot infects dry wood and needs excess moisture to continue growing and spreading.

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