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To most home owners, this is their favorite part, and having a company who knows how to correctly apply stain is a must.

We will clean the logs prior to any stain being applied, whether it’s a new construction or an existing home.

We will help guiding you in choosing a stain that will work best for you and your home.

We will never lead you or guide you into using something that may become a problem in the future.

We normally use the best of the best. Perma-Chink, is what we normally recommend. All our stain is brushed coat only, this saves on material, and save you money, also this assures that stain is adhering and soaking in to your logs and you get a cleaner job and look. On all the homes that we use Perma-Chink we apply a third clear top coat.

This is a coat that extends the life of your stain and is a UV protectant.

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