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Log Home Restoration & Repair

No log home is free from continual maintenance. Over time, log homes need to be repaired and restored back to their former glory. If these tasks aren’t done, a log home could receive irreversible damage, which could cause you to lose out on your investment completely.


Discoloration is the primary indication of rotting and organism growth. When your logs develop mold, mildew, or any other organism, this means that they have already begun to rot or decay and need immediate assistance. Look for signs of discoloration such as white, brown, green, black spots to stop the rotting process before it gets gradually worse.


Chinking is not a great way to preserve your logs, but it’s a proven method of eliminating the presence of insects. Over time, insects can gradually burrow in your log home and damage it. Check to see if your log home has received a proper chinking application in order to prevent insects from compromising your log home’s exterior.


Checking for moisture inside of your log home is vital to preventing the growth of mold and other harmful substances. However, you should contact a professional to accurately measure the amount of moisture inside of your log home. In hot and humid weather, be on the lookout for excess moisture built-up in your log home.

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