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Chinking and Caulking for Log Homes

These products are designed to withstand the movement of your log home in these applications. A properly caulked or chinked log home will be much more efficient to heat and cool. Gaps around windows, doors, between log courses and in the corners, can rob your log home of comfort. Improperly installed or failing caulk and chink is also one of the primary causes for log rog, water infiltration, bug infiltration and air infiltration.

We can repair or replace and caulking and/or chinking that have aged and is starting to fail. Chinking can be painted. This has two textures, you can choose a smooth texture or a sand texture. Apply one or both products can help with bugs in your home, water leakage, and air coming in your home. This step can potentially allow your power bill to drop. There are many colors of caulking, chinking and chink paint to choose from. We can assist you with choosing colors.

We provide this service on new or existing construction.

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